1.5" bar Cruiser Cam Mount !

1.5" bar Cruiser Cam Mount !



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Tired of missing all the good shots while you're riding and your digital camera is stuck in your pocket doing you no good? Or maybe you're ready to get some good footage of you tearing up the local twisties or riding with your buds. Well here's the answer.

Introducing the SikCycles Cruiser Cam Mount a solid, compact, low-profile mount for your still camera or video camera. Youll get clear, riders view pictures and video everywhere you ride.

Other mounts hold the camera high in the air, which amplifies handlebar vibration and wind drag on the camera, resulting in blurry photos and shaky video. The SikCycles Cruiser Cam Mount fastens securely to your handlebars. Additionally, its solid construction, foam cushion, and compact size just 2 tall x 2 long x 1.5 wide does not add any vibration to the camera!

It can be installed or removed in under two minutes. Simply remove the four countersunk hex bolts from the bottom of the mount, place the two halves of the mount over the bars, and reinstall the bolts. Once tightened, you have a rock solid mounting platform from which to shoot your video or photos. The mount will not scratch your bars because it cannot move or slide around.

SikCycles Cruiser Cam Mount is further enhanced by a dense, rubberized foam covering on the camera mounting surface. This foam cushions the camera and removes any slight vibrations. It also keeps positive pressure between the camera and mount, which prevents the locking thumbwheel from coming loose.

Any still camera or video camera with tripod mounting threads can be used with the Cruiser Cam Mount. Simply place the camera on top of the mount and turn the knurled thumbwheel until tight. Your camera is completely secure on the Cruiser Cam Mount. This mount will not shift, wiggle around, or become loose until you turn the thumbwheel to remove it.

The Cruiser Cam Mount is compact, and incredibly strong. It is milled from solid 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and assembled with countersunk hex head bolts. It is then mirror polished and ball milled to look great on your cruiser. SikCycles offers Cruiser Cam Mounts for 1 bars, 1.25 fatty bars, and even massive 1.5 bars. The Cruiser Cam Mount is manufactured and assembled right here in the USA and its built to last as long as you ride.

Riders all over America have tested the SikCycles Cruiser Cam Mount for more than three years, shooting over one-hundred hours of footage without a single failure. Riders will not be disappointed in their pictures and video. For more information, or to find a dealer, visit www.sikcycles.com.


Here are the pics of the prototype on my bike while out on a ride:

* Knurled thumb screw so putting the camera on and taking it off is quick and easy!

* MIRROR polished -solid aluminum construction.

* Ball milled sides.

* Opens up to attach to 1.5" handlebars and is held together with 4 recessed allen head screws. WILL NOT scratch the bars because this mount does NOT move once it's in place. It's ROCK SOLID.

* Padded rubber on top keeps your camera from vibrating and keeps it locked down in place so it doesn't move.

* These are IN STOCK NOW and ready to go. Start recording all those rides now!