Adjure Fork Tube Mounts for Turn Signals

Adjure Fork Tube Mounts for Turn Signals



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If the traditional "Erector-set" look of other fork mounts turn you off, take a look at Adjure's latest offering. These stunning fork clamps come complete with all the hardware to hold your Beacon 1 or 2 lights turn signal/running lamps secure, yet look so uncluttered you may think that they are part of the fork tube. Maybe we should not call these a clamp because they are not split. Split clamps tend to rust where they are split. Ours are one piece to eliminate this problem. Installation is easy you just loosen your tubes and slide the tube down enough to get the clamp to slide on. The clamps are held in place by tightening a stainless set screw that in turn tightens an aluminum pellet inside against the fork tube. All wires are hidden as they come from the Beacon through the mounting bolt into and out of the backside of the clamp.

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Color: Chrome
Position: Marker
Style: For Beacon/Xl1 Lights | 39Mm Fork Mount
Type: Mounting Bracket
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