Ardcore Signature 230-250mm Series  Frame for Honda VLX

Ardcore Signature 230-250mm Series Frame for Honda VLX


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The Pro-street Series a 37* neck rake (up from 34*), 2" stretch in the up tubes and 4" in the backbone, for that lower longer, look.

The Chopper Series a 42* neck rake (up from 34*), 6" up tube and 8" back bone.

Frame Cost (delieverd raw steel) $ 990.00 (raw)

Available Options are :

Specify Stock Honda or HD axle no cost

Specify Prostreet or Chopper Frame no cost

Hidden Block Axle Covers $120

Entire Jackshaft setup (including appropriate shaft and sprockets- specify tire size to be used) $200

Frame made from 1.25 tubing w/ 1.5 backbone $120

HD Forward Control Mounts $70.00

Please Note: Ardcore products are not off the shelf products, they are built as ordered. Build time for most Ardcore products is estimated at around 6 weeks. We recommend that frame and bolt-on kits be assembled only by experienced and qualified technicians. Liability of the final product is the responsibility of the buyer. Although proven roadworthy, neither or Ardcore Choppers-Builder accept any responsibility for final construction.

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