Ardcore VTX 240 Wide Tire Kit

Ardcore VTX 240 Wide Tire Kit


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Ardcore VTX 240 Wide Tire Kit

Ardcore VTX 240 Wide Tire Kit
Fits ALL VTX 1300 and all VTX 1800 (Except the 1800 F)

This is it! A swingarm kit that will let you run a 240mm rear tire on your VTX!

$300 of the purchase price is a deposit or "core charge". As soon as you replace your swingarm with the Ardcore piece - send your stock swingarm to Ardcore and they will send you a check for $300.

So the ACTUAL cost of this kit is only $495.

This kit is much less than the nearest competitor charges - and the quality is second to none... but all you have to do is see it came from Ardcore to know that.

The only option for this kit is finish.

Receive your kit in raw steel - prepped for paint or powder coat

Or receive your kit in black high-gloss powder coat! (+$60)

Please Note: Ardcore products are not off the shelf products, they are built as ordered. Build time for most Ardcore products is estimated at around 6 weeks. We recommend that frame and bolt-on kits be assembled only by experienced and qualified technicians. Liability of the final product is the responsibility of the buyer. Although proven roadworthy, neither or Ardcore Choppers-Builder accept any responsibility for final construction.


  • Swing arm must be received by Ardcore Choppers in good/usable condition to include, but not limited to- straight, no rust, dents/dings etc.
  • Buyer is responsible for shipping (at their cost) of core/exchange swing arm.
  • Condition/usability of core swing arm is determined exclusively by Ardcore Choppers. If swingarm is deemed non-usable by Ardcore, that swingarm may be returned (pre-paid by sender) and core charge will be retained by Ardcore Choppers, until a usable swingarm is received.

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