Cruiser Performance Punisher 1.5" T-bar with 8 inch risers for Honda

Cruiser Performance Punisher 1.5" T-bar with 8 inch risers for Honda


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Cruiser Performance 1.5" Massive T-Bars

Introducing the latest line of handlebars from Cruiser Performance. These are the biggest and most aggressive t-bars ever produced for the metric market. We added additional height and pullback for ultimate control and comfort. If reach is a concern for you, these bars are the solution. With 9 inches of pullback, this will reduce fatigue to your shoulders, lower back and hands. The dual walled 1.50 inch diameter tubing tops off this awesome handle bar, making you stand out from the crowd. These will soon take over, making all other handle bars obsolete.

In our commitment to detail, we make sure welds are polished all the way around to give that ultra clean look. Welds and bends are done with automated robots to insure precision quality. All Chrome is inspected prior to shipping to insure high luster and endurance.


  • Honda Ace 750 and 1100
  • Honda Spirit 750 and 1100
  • Honda Magna
  • Honda Aero 750
  • Honda Saber


  • 8 inch Risers
  • 9 inches of Pullback
  • Top Handle Bar is 33 inches wide

Item CP 1.5 inch Massive T-Bar Part # CPH 1115
Description T-Bar, Handlebar MSRP $ 244.95
Diameter 1 1/2 inch Weight  
Rise 8 inch Shipping Weight  
Pullback 9 Inch Shipping Dimensions  
Handlebar Width 33 inches    
Riser Information None Required    
Cable Information Will work with most stock cables Controller Information Will work with most stock controllers
Finish Chrome    
Internal Wiring Yes    

Some applications may require longer cables and brake lines.


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