ElectroSport Regulator / Rectifier - Honda CBR1000F (90-96)

ElectroSport Regulator / Rectifier - Honda CBR1000F (90-96)



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The ElectroSport ESR230 is a high quality plug in replacement for the OEM regulator/rectifier used in the 1990 - 1996 Honda CBR1000F. This regulator feeds the field coil inside the alternator that is fitted behind the cylinder block. When the alternator field coil fails (which happens a lot as these bikes are getting a little older) and its resistance drops to less than 1 Ohm it usually takes out the OEM regulator/rectifier too.

The ElectroSport ESR230 has a built in over-current and over-temperature safety circuit built in as part of the design which prevents failure due to a bad field rotor. This is a major improvement over the stock setup. The heatsink used in the ESR230 gets rid of internal heat quickly and efficiently which makes for a very reliable unit. ElectroSport offers a full one year manufacturer warranty. 

Fits: 1990 - 1996 Honda CBR1000F

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