ElectroSport Regulator / Rectifier - Honda CBR600F4i (01-06)

ElectroSport Regulator / Rectifier - Honda CBR600F4i (01-06)



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The ElectroSport ESR431 is is a superior replacement regulator/rectifier for the OEM unit on the 2001 - 2006 Honda CBR600 F4i. It incorporates the newest generation power circuits and our efficient heat sink that gets rid of the heat quickly. Output voltage going to the battery is super stable and thanks to the modern electronics the unit runs much cooler than the stock unit. The ESR431 is a plug-in replacement regulator and comes with high quality connectors and leads for easy installation.  ElectroSport offers a full one year manufacturer warranty. 

Fits: 2001 - 2006 Honda CBR600 F4i

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