Galfer Sportbike REAR LINE and PADS Combo Special

Galfer Sportbike REAR LINE and PADS Combo Special



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This is the deal. Everyone knows Galfer quality - well now you can get quality and save some cash. With this special deal you can buy lines and get pads for almost free. Take advantage of this while it lasts!

Each kit comes with A single rear brake line and pads for the rear rotor.

Galfer’s steel braided brake lines are made of PTFE 62 Dupont-Teflon , around the inner Teflon we have 16 strands of steel braided cable (most companies only use 12) that allows for almost 0 expansion effect when applying pressure to the brake lever.

• All Galfer lines are coated with a clearor colored protective coat, protecting the line from the weather and the bike from scratches.

• All Galfer kits come complete with banjo bolts and washers for easy installation. Banjo bolts should never be torqued over 12 to 15 ft\lbs.

• All Sport Bike kits are 2 line kits; with the lines traveling from the master cylinder to the caliper directly.

• All kits are made bike specific.

Why buy Galfer Braided Brake Lines:

• They cost less than OEM lines, OEM lines are not steel braided, they are made of rubber.

• Rubber OEM hoses expand when the brake system gets hot. Steel braided lines do not; they keep great lever feel and performance.

• Used by many Top race teams. Yoshimura Suzuki,WBR Kawasaki, No Limits Motorsports, Moto XXX.

• Most OEM require that rubber lines be replaced every 3 years, Galfer lines will last the life of the bike.

• Ask anyone who has used braided brake lines. They know the night and day difference that they make to the brake system.

• People that have used braided lines in the past will NEVER ride anything else without them. Ask your friends who ride ss braided lines!

• Unlike OEM part numbers, Galfer's applications chart allow for easy cross-referencing and multiple applications on one same part number.

• Kits are bike specific.

• Warranty of the lines is only valid if they are installed by the shop’s mechanics.

• Easy and quick to install.

• Galfer’ s unique 800 tech line to support ANY technical questions that the dealer might have at any time regarding brakes or parts involved with the brake system

Lines come with several colors of protective covering. Choose your bike make and model from the drop down list, then choose the color lines you want.

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