Hyperpro RSC Damper (top mount) for Honda CBR-1100XX Blackbird 97-99

Hyperpro RSC Damper (top mount) for Honda CBR-1100XX Blackbird 97-99



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Imagine this...

You are riding down the highway closing in on an eighteen wheeler. The left lane is clear so you grab a handful of throttle and lean. You've done this a thousand times without a problem. In fact it's one of the thrills you expect from riding. Only this time is different. Last week's road crew left enough waves in the road to capsize the Titanic. Just as you pass the truck, your front end starts to shake an ever worsening wobble.

This situation can happen to any rider on any bike. The outcome will depend on conditions, skill, and pure luck. Fortunately you have help. A steering damper can help control front end shake and lesson the chance of high speed wobbles and tank slappers.

Hyperpro RSC The Hyperpro RSC (Reactive Safety Control) damper is an evolution compared to the previous steering damper. The re-developed speed-sensitive damping features an improved adjustability and a wider adjustment range. The safety offered by the unique HYPERPRO active design is reason enough for every bike owner to have one. However the HYPERPRO philosophy of quality engineering has resulted in a damper with a number of additional features that make it truly exceptional. Internally the dampers are equipped with the following features:

* Twin-tube damping system. This ensures that the clamping force of the tube-clamp does not obstruct the piston.

* Low friction design. 8mm hard chromed piston rod with special surface treatment and special piston ring for smooth movement.

* One-piece piston rod. Providing perfect alignment through the slide bearings and no excessive force on the piston.

* Triple function seals. Dust scraper and double (preloaded) oil seal, ensuring that dust cannot enter and oil cannot exit the damper at any time.

* Nitrogen pressurized heat expansion reservoir.

* Gas pressure prevents the forming of air bubbles. Oil expansion due to temperature changes is compensated by the reservoir and does not influence damper performance.

* Damping can be adjusted in a wide range, divided in 22 positions.

* Available colors: Solid black, Hyper purple, Gun metal, Mad red

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