Icon Strongarm 13 Denim Jacket
Icon Strongarm 13 Denim Jacket

Icon Strongarm 13 Denim Jacket



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Icon Strongarm 13 Denim Jacket

It's always something with motorcycles--the two day brake bleeding nightmare that was only supposed to take 30 minutes...or that time you thought it would be cool to wire up a keyless ignition and melted down your bike's computer the night before track day...or when you discovered that searching a little while longer for the torque wrench would have been a better choice than trusting your "I think this feels like 47 ft lbs. technique. We've all been there, and now you can be there more often in the Strongarm 13. It takes real guts to rock a 13 on your back. Even though it's not for everyone, we at Icon still had to pay homage to the simple truth that it's "always something".
  • Quality 14oz. denim chassis
  • Durable 1.2mm-1.4mm leather sleeves
  • CE approved elbow and shoulder armor
  • Removable insulated vest for additional warmth
  • Zippered intake & exhaust vents control climate
  • Aramid reinforced shoulders for abrasion resistance

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