Jammer Slimline Seat Pans

Jammer Slimline Seat Pans


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Do you love our solo seats but wish you could cover it with an exotic leather, snakeskin or material to match your custom paint job? Well here’s the solution. We are offering our "Slimline" seat pans separately, available in either the narrow version that measures 11 1/2" long X 9" wide, or the wide version that measures 12 1/2" long x 11" wide. We’ve also added the seat pan used in our new Contoured "Slimline" solo seats that measures 13" long x 11" wide, and contoured in the front to match the lines of the frame and to provide a little more seating area. These seat pans are made from heavy gauge steel plate, feature a high-rise flip at the back to keep you in the saddle when you give it the gas, are pre-drilled around the edges for riveting or lacing the covering to the seat pan, then black powder coated for a durable finish. Just the ticket for building a one-of-a-kind seat for your precious ride!
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