Jardine RT-1 Kawasaki Bolt-On  for ZX-12R 02-05

Jardine RT-1 Kawasaki Bolt-On for ZX-12R 02-05



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RT-1 Kawasaki Bolt-On for ZX-12R 02-05

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Every system is painstakingly made to exacting tolerances by skilled craftsman utilizing the latest manufacturing techniques. Beginning with our design team, we use Solid Works computer imaging as our baseline. The R&D team takes over from there to build prototype. It then moves on to the Dyno Cell where technicians continually modify the prototype, run after run, until they're satisfied with the horsepower and torque increase. After the smoke clears, machinists go to work crafting tooling and fixtures to assure exacting fitment of the production parts. Only then, does it move into the manufacturing facility where high tech CMM and Vector Infrared Tracer machines copy prototypes to NASA type specs. Automated punch presses, CNC tube cutters and benders efficiently create the tubes. Robotic arms plasma cut shapes and weld components together in one fluid motion from precisely written computer programs and fixtures, right along side their human counter parts. All RT-One systems feature incredibly detailed TIG welds. Titanium systems feature an extra special process of being welded completely by hand in an inert oxygen filled chamber, resulting in immaculately pure and supremely strong welds. Carbon Fiber shells feature lightweight four twill weave and high glass resins built to withstand extreme temperatures. Moving on through the manufacturing line, the system is assembled by hand and end caps are carefully sealed with a high temp silicone to assure no exhaust leaks. Your Jardine exhaust system is then carefully packaged and ready for shipping to a dealer near you.

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