KBC VR-2 Full Face Helmet - Stealth Metallic Black

KBC VR-2 Full Face Helmet - Stealth Metallic Black



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The Stealth Metallic Black KBC VR-2 Full Face Helmet is a true race helmet. Designed for aerodynamic airflow and stability at high speeds, the KBC VR-2 platform features reduced shell dimensions and overall size. The eye aperture, strap positions and shell ergonomics have been fine tuned to provide increased peripheral vision, improved head maneuverability, reduced neck strain and dampened wind noise.
  • Tri-Composite Aramis Epoxy shell
  • Bag-molded for shell consistency, strength and lightness
  • Reduced shell dimensions
  • Aerodynamic shell stability styling
  • Racing vision aperture
  • KBC Ultra-Quick Removal shield mechanism
  • 2.2mm “OPCC” (Optically Perfect Complex Curve), scratch-resistant anti-fog shield
  • “RIB” shield sealing technique
  • Internal comfort lining designed for comfort and noise reduction
  • Micro-fiber developed especially to wick away moisture while riding
  • Interior is totally removable and quickly replaceable for between-race preparations
  • Controllable air ventilation and cooling system
  • Meets or exceeds Snell and D.O.T. standards

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