KBC VR-2R - Repsol Replica

KBC VR-2R - Repsol Replica



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KBC VR-2R - Repsol Replica
  • Type: Racing
  • Tri-Composite Aramis Epoxy shell
  • Bag-molded for shell consistency, strength and lightness
  • Pinlock® Ready Shield
  • Aerodynamic shell stability styling
  • Racing vision aperture
  • KBC Ultra-Quick Removal shield mechanism
  • 2.2mm “OPCC” (Optically Perfect Complex Curve), scratch-resistant anti-fog shield
  • “RIB” shield sealing technique
  • Internal comfort lining designed for comfort and noise reduction
  • Micro-fiber developed especially to wick away moisture while riding
  • Interior is totally removable and quickly replaceable for between-race preparations
  • Controllable air ventilation and cooling system
  • Meets or exceeds Snell and D.O.T. standards

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