Kuryakyn Lizard Light LED Expansion Kit

Kuryakyn Lizard Light LED Expansion Kit



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The chameleon of L.E.D. accent lights offers three spectacular modes:
  • Single color steady illumination
  • Single color flashing illumination with variable rate
  • Paint Mode: All lights, in unison, continuously fading into and out of each of the seven colors (red, lime, ice blue, sky blue, dark blue, purple, green). The rheostat can be used to adjust how quickly the lights fade from one to the next.
Carefully engineered to draw very little current, there is no need to worry about draining your bikes battery (provided the battery is in good condition and the lights are not left for more than a couple hours). The controller is capable of running up to 16 lights.

Make your bike a show stopper with our Seven Color Lizard Lights that offer you everything you need to make quite a statement and more.

Expansion Kit Contains Contains two Seven Color Lizard Lights, two 12" extensions, two 'Y' connectors, two double male connectors, two double female connectors, alcohol pads, dielectric grease, cable ties, and spare adhesive pads.

Note: Lizard Lights are not compatible with Moon or Flex Lights.

Disclaimer:Laws and enforcement of laws pertaining to auxiliary lighting vary from state to state. If you are concerned about your area, we encourage you to check with your local authorities before making your purchase.

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