Kuryakyn Wild Things Forged Flat Top Pistons for 103" Twin Cam

Kuryakyn Wild Things Forged Flat Top Pistons for 103" Twin Cam

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Küryakyn Wild Things piston kits are the best pistons you can buy for your 95" Twin Cam.

  • They are forged from the highest-grade aluminum alloy designed for piston use making them the strongest piston on the market for your Twin Cam.
  • The special skirt shape and material means less break-in time, quieter running and a stronger resistance to scoring.
  • The lightweight design results in less power robbed by the forces of inertia and less vibration.
  • Larger and deeper valve pockets will handle larger valves and cams without extra machine work.
  • The decks are slightly raised for a tight squish with stock .045” thick head gaskets. This is extremely important and results in better combustion efficiency and power.
  • The redesigned dome shape on the high-compression piston for stock heads results in less pumping losses (robbed power) and better combustion efficiency and detonation control (pinging).
As with any engine, jetting or fuel injection mapping is critical for the life of any piston. Too rich will wash away the protective oil film. Too lean can overheat the engine. Ignition timing is equally critical. Too much advance can cause detonation and piston damage. Too retarded can cause overheating.

Piston to cylinder clearances must be properly set as well. Too much clearance will result in excess noise and shorter piston and ring life. Too little clearance can result in seizing.

All piston kits come complete with pistons, pins, keepers and rings.

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