Kuryakyn Wild Things Heads Forged Street Heads for Twin Cam

Kuryakyn Wild Things Heads Forged Street Heads for Twin Cam

Wild Things


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Kuryakyn is proud to offer these forged versions of our cutting edge billet heads. They have all the exact same features and top quality components as their billet counterparts, but since they are less expensive to produce, we can pass the savings on to you.

We offer our forged heads in two finishes to match stock motors with your choice of combustion chambers designed for flat top or our domed pistons.

  • Efficient bathtub combustion chambers
  • Set up to take up to .640” lift cam
  • Proprietary valves designed on the flow bench to match Wild Things ports
  • Hard valve seats for use with lead-free fuel
  • Intake Ports - 3/8” raised high flow and high velocity with 1.980” stainless intake valves
  • Exhaust Ports - Constant radius “D” high flow and high velocity with 1.630” stainless exhaust valves
  • Utilizes equal length head bolts to minimize cylinder distortion and promote consistent head gasket squish. Requires purchase of four long OEM headbolts, sold separately. (H-D P/N 16478-85A)
  • Extra cooling fin area
  • Larger and improved breather passages, requires crankcase breather kit with 1/2”-13 breather bolts.
  • Larger and relocated oil drains
  • All stock part will mount to head
Heads come completely assembled. The High-strength stainless steel valves, high-performance valve springs and titanium top retainers will handle up to a .640-lift cam.

KA-428 & KA-431 requires the use of Wild Things Pistons KA-444 or KA-443. For 95" applications only. Combustion chamber machined with 15* squish. Yields 10.5:1 compression

KA-429 & KA-434 have 81cc combustion chambers. Yields 9.5:1 compression in 95" applications, 10.5:1 compression in 103" applications.

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