Micron Moto GP Full Serpent Race System - 06 GSXR600

Micron Moto GP Full Serpent Race System - 06 GSXR600



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Micron once again offers what no other company in the World can create. Our 3rd Generation of the fully hydroformed GP designs, both full systems and slip-ons, getting ready to release for the Suzuki GSXR series of motorcycles.

Specifically designed for the all new "Moto GP" look, Micron takes hydroforming to the next level with not only a fully hydorformed header (just over 5 lbs of engineering excellence!), but the incredible Serpent GP muffler is also fully hydroformed to match the sculptured design of the new Suzuki. Best of all, the slip-on GP canister is the same used with the full system, so you can purchase the slip-on and upgrade to the full exhaust at a later time.

It is a simple fact that nobody else in the World can compete with the precise "molding" which hydroforming allows us in shaping the EXACT contours and shapes to maximize every RPM of the powercurve. Let's face it, except for the hydroforming offered by Micron, everybody else is still bending and welding chunks of tube just as was done in the 1970's, as they try desperately to find HP from bits of tube they buy from a generic tube supplier. Hydroforming designs its OWN tubes, of any shape, size and contour we desire from the mold, so we have no limitations in our design capability.

So why doesn't anyone else in the World fully hydroform? To accomplish this process requires a substantially more then one "tuner" who comes up with a good idea. Hydroforming requires massive amounts of highly educated, trained and skilled engineers who specialize in area's ranging from computerized engine flow dynamics to infinitely precise die machining to create the designs, not to mention the intricacies of hydroforming itself. Even the material used for hydroforming is special, as any flaw or inconsistency when subjected to 76,000 psi "spilts" the material and destroys the event. This is rocket science, and the people and equipment needed to achieve the end result are extremely expensive and scarce in quantity. Most companies simply do not have the resources to move to this level. Micron does...

Where you find the advantage of the Serpent is not just at high rpm's, but ALL the way thru the curve, as we dig every ounce of HP from each rpm. The competitors pipes we have tested to this date all have the same problem, which is they simply trade one end of the power curve for another, the classic "well, that's all we can do" story. But 6-8k rpm's are just as important as 13-16k, since you HAVE to accelerate the machine to get to redline. And the more HP you have getting there, the faster you are going when you arrive. Every HP before the shift is what counts, so not only are we stronger all the way up the powercurve, we are un-matched on peak output as well. It is this strength of the overall HP curve which demonstrates so decidedly that nobody can touch the performance offered by the engineering of the hydroformed Serpent.

This power can only be done with hydroforming, where we can make ANY shape, size, taper or bend that we desire, since we are "molding" the pipe, not bending it! If the flow dynamics (which what headers are ALL about!) call for each 1mm of length to be changing .25mm in width as we go, hydroforming can do it. If the flow dynamics call for a larger diameter then the radiator or under-fairing allow space for, hydroforming allows us to oblong, "D" shape or even flatten the tube with no change to flow or volume. Thus, we can design around any criteria or physical limitation which would stop a bent tube dead in its tracks. There is simply no way to "bend" a tube while maintaining an exact taper thru the bend, and this is what sets the Serpent apart from all others.

It is a simple fact of performance, as the engine speeds increase, the need for incredibly precise tube diameters, shapes and tapers are simply not available in common tube available to most benders. They hack, cut, re-weld to try and find a balance, but most will still end up with the "lose some here to gain some there" problem. It does not have to be that way...

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