Nolan - N-Com BlueTooth BT3
Nolan - N-Com BlueTooth BT3

Nolan - N-Com BlueTooth BT3



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Telephone via Bluetooth with following functions: answer, hang up, voice commands, redial last number (for telephones that allow it), intercom/phone automatic management. Bike-to-bike intercom via Bluetooth up to 500 meters (in open field, with no obstacles)FM radio integrated with RDS: Search for radio stations, 6 pre-settings. Automatic exclusion of intercom and connected audio source during a telephone conversation plus automatic reconnection at the end of the phone call. Conference call function: 3-way telephone call between driver, passenger and caller. Rider/passenger intercom via Bluetooth. Intercom via stereo cable (intercom wire not included)MP3 Bluetooth player with play, pause, stop, skip directly from the helmet. Satellite navigator via Bluetooth: directions, MP3 music, mobile phone (for models that allow it)GPS Conference function: driver/passenger intercom active while the GPS is giving instructions. Management from PC via USB wire (sold separately)


Model: 3
Note: Requires N-Com Basic Kit 2.
Type: Bluetooth® Kit
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