NRC Right Engine Cover - Suzuki Bandit GSF1200 (96-06)

NRC Right Engine Cover - Suzuki Bandit GSF1200 (96-06)



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NRC Right Engine Cover - Suzuki Bandit GSF1200 (96-06)

Cover has 2 tabs extending beyond gasket face that "wrap-around" the crankcase. This design adds to the cover's staying power and doesn't easily get wiped off since there are only 5 fasteners holding it in place. Also, our cover has adequate clearance to retain the stock oil pressure switch.
  • NRC is the world’s largest manufacturer of heavy-duty sportbike engine covers
  • Manufactured under stringent ISO 9002 quality control standards
  • Cast granular alloy flow follows each particular cover’s contour, further adding to its strength through design and increased section thickness; stronger than wrought (billet) granular alloy and less expensive
  • Heavy-duty engine cover replacements are mandatory for all U.S. road racing organizations
  • Approved by all U.S. race organizations


Style: Right
Type: Engine Cover
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