Rifle Classic II Windshield for Volusia / C50

Rifle Classic II Windshield for Volusia / C50



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Rifle does it again...

The new Classic II Windshield. Sculpted to follow the contours of the stock headlight nacelle.

Next Generation Mounting System

o Rifle's next generation mounting system places the windshield closer to the rider for better protection.

o Adjustable height, over 3" of height adjustment.

o Wide range of angle adjustment.

o Detachable. Loosen 2 screws on each side of forks and the complete windshield and hardware slides off.


* Height: 15", 17", or 19"; measured from top of headlight to top of windshield. Plus custom sizes.

* Width 22" at widest point.

* Shield: 1/8" thick clear or fade resistant bronze tint(not a coating like others!) Lucite L acrylic. New for 2004! Now thicker (3/16" thick), highly polished beveled edges. Very nice.

* Performance: Deeper curve for better protection and less turbulence.

* Mounting System: Secure four-point fork mounting. Removes in seconds with supplied wrench.

* Mounting Hardware: 1" wide aircraft quality windshield bands, made of non-rusting, non-peeling, mirror-finish stainless steel. Custom, mirror-finish stainless steel fork brackets. Chrome SnapCap windshield fastener covers, dress up the front of the bike.

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