Road Burner 2-1/2" Streetlites Exhaust - Honda Shadow Sabre 1100 (00-07)

Road Burner 2-1/2" Streetlites Exhaust - Honda Shadow Sabre 1100 (00-07)

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Road Burner 2-1/2" Streetlites Exhaust - Honda Shadow Sabre 1100 (00-07)

The Road Burner™ Exhaust line is the pinnacle to what all motorcycle exhaust will now be compared to. The Road Burner™ line is an expression of a concept developed several years ago. Tested and designed for the true rider. The Road Burner line is a perfect fit of style and performance. The Road Burners have been tested for years before being released to the public. The patented and distinct Doublewall design means this exhaust will not discolor. The Road Burner brand is built using technology and over 30 years of manufacturing knowledge. This allowed us continuous advances due to testing, both in our state-of-the-art dyno room and real world testing on the street.

The Road Burner™ line-up will give your motorcycle the aggressive sound the factories can no longer provide. With several styles to choose from, you can now add the personal touch that will make your bike unique. Advanced 1-piece construction will give your bike a smooth feel without any rattling heatshields or hose clamps. We use patented Doublewall construction that revolutionized the motorcycle exhaust pipe industry. This design means no more heat shields or cheap hose clamps on your tricked out ride. Our pipes are guaranteed not to discolor.
  • Most economically priced pipes
  • These pipes have all the same features as Street Pro’s, except they do not come with a billet end cap
  • Offers performance and high luster show quality chrome to your bike
  • Patented Doublewall design means these pipes won’t discolor
  • Most feature 1-3/4” inner pipe with an integrated 2-1/2” outer pipe
  • Long and sleek, running to the end of the rear tire
  • Comes with a standard spiral louvered core
  • 1-piece seamless construction
  • Fat 2-1/2” outer pipe gives your bike a mean look
  • 12-month manufacturer’s warranty against bluing

Fred Smith
11/29/2010 8:07:01 PM

I like the pipes and the sound of them, But I can't get them to stop backfiring when I let off the throttle. I have taken it to three different shops with no success. Have had the carbs re-jetted, and replaced the crush gaskets. Any suggestions. I have a 07 Honda Sabre, and the shops are saying that the backfiring is normal.