TecMate - Optimate 4 Dual Program BMW Edition

TecMate - Optimate 4 Dual Program BMW Edition



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Special edition Optimate 4 dual program that has been optimized for CAN-bus equipped BMW motorcycles. Charger comes preprogrammed with the CAN-bus charging and maintaining program. Previously when the battery in a CAN-bus system was fully charged and a charger moved into the maintenance program, the CAN-bus system would automatically disconnect the charging circuit and require intervention from the user to reactivate. With the optimate 4 dual program it is now possible to automatically charge and maintain CAN-bus equipped motorcycles via their convenient external 12V charging port without use of the ignition key or reactivation. Includes CAN-bus connection cord for use with the OEM 12V charging port and battery clip set for bench charging.
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