Thunder Mfg. Adapter - Type A for Kawasaki 1500 / 1600 F.I.

Thunder Mfg. Adapter - Type A for Kawasaki 1500 / 1600 F.I.

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Thunder Mfg adapter allows the use of any of several Thunder Mfg. airkits on your bike.

Thunder Mfg.'s adapters are designed for performance. We also strive to make our products easy to install and use. Note that when changing your airkit you will need to use an electronic fuel control system. If you already have a Power Commander you must remap it for the Thunder Airbox. Likewise if you have a Lightning FI or similar your settings will need to be adjusted accordingly.

If you do not already have a Power Commander then you can purchase one here:


Kevin Clark
4/7/2009 1:56:07 PM

Guys were great to deal with, but the adapter needed some work to bolt on to my 1600 Nomad. You must remove all the vacuum tubes and hoses and cap off the fittings on the intake manifold, then I taped the holes in the adapter to take 1/8 pipe plugs to seal off the existing holes that the vacuum lines were to run through. The location for the intake sensor was on the opposite side of stock, so I had to lengthen the wire harness to reach. Finally, Thunder makes no provision to seal the adapter to the throttle body. The surfaces are machined, but you would be taking a chance that the fit is air tight! So, I laid in a minute amount of liquid gasket maker before I mounted the adapter to the throttle body. The elbow that takes the filter also had no provisions for a gasket to mounting plate. As well, the surface was not true so I had some filing to do, then made my own paper gasket and used that. All in all the project was not hard, but I have the advantage of a mechanical background. Not sure what a lay person would do with this project. If you need more information give me an email to chat Safe riding!

Tom Tucker
9/12/2007 2:47:59 AM

These guys rock. No one else had this item but Biker Performance had it in stock and replied to my emails very quickly. They sent it right out and I had it installed for the weekend ride.