Vance & Hines Fuel Pack - Yamaha Warrior XV1700 (02-08)

Vance & Hines Fuel Pack - Yamaha Warrior XV1700 (02-08)

Vance & Hines


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Vance & Hines Fuel Pack - Yamaha Warrior XV1700 (02-08)

Fuelpak was designed to be a flexible tuning device and has the ability to increase and decrease your fuel delivery throughout the entire powerband, leading to optimal power and throttle response. Unlike a "chip burn" where a single fuel setting is used to work with a number of applications, Fuelpak provides settings that are Dyno and street tested specifically for your exhaust system to provide the most power and efficient fuel delivery for your application. Once installed, Fuelpak piggyback's on your factory ECU to send a new signal for fuel delivery to the injectors based on the setting that we provide for your bike and pipe combination.

With Fuelpak, in addition to fuel delivery that perfectly matches your current configuration, for future modifications, simply look-up your new setting and update your Fuelpak to reflect the changes.

Fuelpak provides you with ease, convenience and flexibility like no other Fuel Injection Management System on the market; all that and the peace of mind of knowing that it comes from Vance & Hines.

No more guesswork, perfect fuel delivery. The Fuelpak by Vance & Hines leaves you feeling... well, like a genius.

65005 fits Warrior 02-08


Programming: Button Tunable
Type: Fuelpak
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