Zero Gravity SR Series Windscreen - Kawasaki Z750S (05-06)

Zero Gravity SR Series Windscreen - Kawasaki Z750S (05-06)

Zero Gravity


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The Zero Gravity SR Series Windscreen for the  2005 - 2006 Kawasaki Z750S is Zero Gravity’s stock replacement line of sportbike windscreens. Shaped like the original OEM screens that come stock from the factory. Pre-drilled and designed to fit OEM fairing with precision using your stock mounting fasteners.

Superior Optical Quality: Zero Gravity Windscreens feature the finest optics of any windscreen on the market. All Zero Gravity windscreens are fabricated using highly specialized "vacuum forming" techniques similar to those used to form aircraft canopies. The result is a virtually distortion free optical lens.

Strength Plus Flexibility: Made from the finest grade of acrylic plastic, Zero Gravity windscreens are stretched as they are formed, a process which results in superior strength and flexibility. This flexibility allows the windscreen to absorb road vibrations and resist cracking.

Best Fit to OEM Fairing: Zero Gravity windscreen are factory pre-drilled and ready to install. The mounting holes and windscreen profile match the O.E.M. fairing for a precision fit.

Race Proven: Used by the best Superbike, Grand Prix, Supersport and Endurance teams in America, Zero Gravity windscreens dominate roadracing from the club level to the nationals.

Zero Gravity currently offers four types of sportbike windscreens. Each model is unique in design, styling and riding advantages.


Color: Clear
Type: Windscreen
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